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France, US, Germany threaten "strong reaction" if Ukraine's Minsk deal violated


France, US, Germany threaten "strong reaction" if Ukraine's Minsk deal violated
PARIS,  France, US, German, British and Italian leaders stressed their strong support to the Minsk agreement in reaching a settlement to Ukraine crisis, French President Francois Hollande office said in a statement on Tuesday.

"They (the leaders) have agreed that a strong reaction from the international community would be necessary in case of a major breach of the process put in place in Minsk," said the statement about the Minsk deal, which was signed on February 12.

The statement noted that leaders of France, Britain, the US, Germany and Italy, as well as the head of the European Commission, discussed the Ukraine crisis in a telephone conference.

The statement added that the leaders also affirmed on the vital role played by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in monitoring the implementation of the agreement, in particularly to ceasefire and the withdraw of heavy artillery, expressing wishes to bolster OSCE's role even further.

The leaders also discussed support to Ukraine's exerted efforts to improve the country's economy.


Iraqi troops make new gains in war against ISIL in Tikrit - Min.


Iraqi troops make new gains in war against ISIL in Tikrit - Min.

BAGHDAD - Iraq's Defense Ministry announced Tuesday that military forces are making new gains in the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) in Salahuddine Governorate, northwestern the Iraqi capital.

Military troops from the Dijla operations command, consisting of the 5th infantry division squad, police forces, local backup, and warplanes, were able to clear villages of Bo-Rayash, Bo-Essa, and Bo-Talha, the ministry said in a statement, adding that troops are currently advancing towards cities of Tikrit and Alam.

Iraqi forces were also able to seize a large ISIL training camp in Hamrin Mountains, eastern Tikrit, and destroy five car bombs that were parked there, it noted, adding that forces were also able to take over a main crossing from ISIL's control, which links Bo-Essa and Mubarak Al-Farhan areas towards Mutaibjeya in western Tikrit.

Meanwhile, military troops are currently proceeding to clear the entire Saladin governorate in accordance with the plan, the ministry said.


US House of Representatives passes Homeland Security Funding bill

US House of Representatives passes Homeland Security Funding bill

WASHINGTON -- The US House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday to fund the Department of Homeland Security for the rest of the fiscal year and will be sent to President Barack Obama to sign.

The bill will keep intact Obama's executive action on immigration that was strongly criticized by his conservative opponents. Earlier in the day, Republican House Speaker John Boehner agreed to the Democrats' demand to hold a vote on the legislation.

"I am outraged and frustrated as you at the lawless and unconstitutional actions of this president," said Boenher to his caucus Tuesday morning, according to a source cited by several US media outlets.

The bill was passed with a vote of 257-167 and is seen a major win for the Democrats and the Obama administration.


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Final Stock Sales Extended To April 15th 2015 - Phoenix Rising Radio Update From Don Smith of Phoenix Synergies

Obama Attacks China for Creating US-Inspired Spying Apparatus

Obama Attacks China for Creating US-Inspired Spying Apparatus


Obama Attacks China for Creating US-Inspired Spying Apparatus

President Obama has harsh words for China’s proposed counterterrorism law. This despite the fact that the new rules are modeled largely on the US regulations, and more directly, on the precedent set by the NSA’s spying apparatus.

China released a few demands last week. If US tech companies want to do business in China – and given the market size, yes, tech companies want to do business in China – then they’ll have to place servers in China. They’ll also have to provide encryption keys, and allow the Chinese government special surveillance access into their systems.

President Obama is, understandably, a little wary. Tech companies are weary. Giving a global superpower “backdoor” access to servers used by millions of people feels a bit like Big Brother. It’s uncomfortably dystopian.

Silicon Valley is in a panic following an announcement that China is considering sweeping counterterrorism legislation.

But as the Snowden documents revealed, this is exactly the kind of unfettered access enjoyed by the United States.

“This is something that I’ve raised directly with President Xi,” Obama told Reuters. “We have made it very clear to them that this is something they are going to have to change if they are to do business with the United States.”

This is a very different tune than the one sung earlier this year, when both President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron expressed their intention to pressure tech giants into cooperating with Western intelligence agencies.

ISIS and the Brotherhood

Snip .. "In short, all countries, excluding the US and Iran, each with varying degrees, are beginning to see the true face of the Muslim Brotherhood."

Wednesday, 4 Mar, 2015

Opinion: ISIS and the Brotherhood

The US is fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and so is Iran. At the same time, Washington is holding nuclear talks with Tehran and imposing sanctions on its government with the aim of reaching an attractive settlement albeit amid strong opposition from the Republicans.

ISIS declares Iranians as infidels and has killed Syrians and Iraqis as well as aid workers and journalists from around the world. However, few people know that the group’s leader and the world’s most evil man is a disciple of the Muslim Brotherhood. In a recording recently posted on YouTube, the Brotherhood’s ideologue and cleric Yusuf Al-Qaradawi praises Baghdadi for being a well-known member of the group in his youth.


Iraq says discussing $6 billion bond issue with banks (Iraq will also use its Special Drawing Rights to raise $1.8 billion through the IMF)

March 3, 2015

Iraq says discussing $6 billion bond issue with banks

Iraq is discussing a possible bond issue worth nearly $6 billion with Deutsche Bank and Citibank as part of its efforts to cover a huge projected budget deficit this year, Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari said.

State revenues have tumbled along with falling oil prices just as Iraq faces a costly military campaign against Islamic State militants in its northern and western provinces, leaving a likely 25 trillion Iraqi dinar ($21.4 billion) shortfall.

To fund the deficit, Zebari said the finance ministry was looking at measures including the bond issue, borrowing from state banks, and converting some Iraqi bank assets held with the central bank into bonds.

It might also consider raising money through forward sales of oil if the cabinet rejects plans for the 10-year bond issue. Officials say Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's cabinet sees the proposed 9 percent interest rate as prohibitively high.

The sharp fall in oil prices forced Zebari into several revisions of the 2015 budget, each time trimming projected revenue from crude exports. The final version was based on a $56 price per barrel and exports of 3.3 million barrels per day.

Oil exports so far this year have been below 2.6 million bpd, due partly to bad weather at the main southern export terminal and disappointing shipments from the north through a Kurdish-run pipeline. But Zebari said volumes were rising.

"I think people are now realizing that this is a realistic budget," he told Reuters in his Baghdad ministry office.

He said a proposal to convert 50 percent of assets held by state banks in the central bank into bonds will raise around $5 billion, and Iraq will also use its Special Drawing Rights to raise $1.8 billion through the International Monetary Fund.

Petraeus agrees to plead guilty to federal charge

March 3, 2015

Petraeus agrees to plead guilty to federal charge

David Petraeus, the former CIA director and top Army general whose affair with his biographer brought down what many considered a bright political future, has agreed to plead guilty to mishandling classified materials.

The plea agreement was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Charlotte, North Carolina. Petraeus was charged with one count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material, which carries a possible penalty of up to a year in prison, $100,000 fine and five years of probation.

Since 2013, Petraeus has held a senior position at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. "We look forward to working with him as he continues to add value as Chairman of the KKR Global Institute," the private equity firm said in a statement Tuesday.

Economic seminar discussed the budget challenges and the mechanisms for implementing the federal budget for 2015


Ornaments: the recovery of the private sector solution to the crisis

In an economic seminar discussed the budget challenges

Baghdad Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb

D.oled ornaments Prime Minister adviser said: that the general budget pass many challenges as a result of circumstances through which the country of low oil prices and national confrontation aggression Daash that require the concerted efforts of all the good in order to overcome this crisis.

This came during the opening of the Economic Forum organized by the Iraqi Economists Association in collaboration with the Baghdad College of Economic Sciences University, which carried the title "the mechanisms for implementing the federal budget for 2015" views and proposals, adding that what weighs budget is the size of salaries and social benefits to be borne by the state and by eight million including four million employees and million retired and the rest is divided between social welfare benefits and martyrs and political prisoners and victims.

Central submit proposals to support private banks


Central submit proposals to support private banks

BAGHDAD - said the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Dr. Ali Keywords: the auction constant currency did not stop, but what happened is a change in the method and mechanism used in it, noting at the same time that there is coordination between the central and private banks to launch loans for small and medium enterprises.

He said a number of media, including the "morning" that the currency, launched 10 years ago auction was one of extraordinary measures to maintain the stability of the exchange rate and resulted in the continuation of work by a lot of phenomena that have been the focus of criticism, pointing out that the new method determines the dollar sales of the need Actual where we came to the real number of actual need of the market, he said, adding that he will be the development of these mechanisms have been reviewed from time to time and depending on the circumstances. 

According to the relationship, this step will reduce undoubtedly amounts sold annually in the currency window to lower rates to contribute to the development of the economy and curb unemployment through coordination with private banks to launch loans for small and medium enterprises. 

He stressed that the new measures taken by the Central Bank, which will benefit them to sell the currency window is not on a daily basis as we did not stop the auction, but we changed the mechanism and method of implementation, explaining that the auction sale of daily currency was operating the Bank's departments to follow up Related currency auction.

He added: After studies and discussions with specialists and experts realism and scientific reached a new technique that will reduce a lot of money smuggling operations and support of the private sector in the work have been covered foreign bank accounts in dollars for the conversion process after the submission of the required details, stressing that there is coordination with the Ministry of Finance to cover all imports in dollars to be paid directly at the entry of goods into the country from the border crossing points. Indicating that the role of the central bank will be commercial invoices and accounts relating to scrutiny. 

The Governor of the Central Bank announced proposals to support private banks in coordination with the Ministry of Finance in receiving government deposits and lending because the banking sector has a promising future. 


Trunews - Monday, March 2, 2015 - Giuliani go off on obama

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You have got to hear Giuliani go off on obama, priceless. First half. 


Before Mandating Vaccines: What Every Legislator Across the Country Needs to Know

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March 2, 2015

Before Mandating Vaccines: What Every Legislator Across the Country Needs to Know . . . please share this widely. Let them know that we know!!! ~J