Sunday, April 1, 2012

Astrology ~ April is universally a 'NINE' Month which brings many situations to culmination and conclusion .. (weekly breakdown) ...

April 2012 Overview

April is universally a NINE* month (*in numerology terms), which brings many situations to culmination and conclusion. Many tasks and projects are winding down, getting ready to be finalized. The boxes holding issues that need to be resolved are being addressed and ultimately moved out of the way. The fork in the road has been reached on many levels and now it is time to make choices. Mercury turning direct on April 4th provides the turn around point to see all that has been woven together as a new pathway is revealed. The pathway has been created by Mercury retrograde in Pisces, collecting the information of the inner spiritual essence. The information has created many opportunities and options that will begin to be seen as Mercury turns direct on April 4th at 23 Pisces. This information begins to pull us forward toward our new path.

Mars has been retrograde in Virgo, opposite of Pisces, since November 12th. Mars turned retrograde on January 23rd as some corrections have needed to be made. The delays of events and circumstances have created the blessing in disguise that can now become visible as we turn toward our new focus. Mars turns direct on April 14th, which will begin to move all of the information forward, together with the spiritual purpose as created through beliefs and expressed as our spiritual calling. Mars moving forward activates many circumstances that have been dormant. Uncertainty has seemed to be a prominent feeling since Mars turned retrograde on January 23rd, but now with Mars direct, situations can begin to move forward once again and begin the chain of events needed to move us through the NINE month of April and into the ONE month of May.

The New Moon in Taurus on the 21st rolls into April 22nd event as Mercury connects with the changing winds, blowing in the new options and opportunities that will take us across the bridge of April into May. Mercury will have reached the 6 degree point again before turning retrograde on March 12th, but this time Mercury can begin to unfold the opportunities that are now available from the changes that have taken place within that time. Additionally Uranus begins to unfold the new situations revealing the changes that are coming up during the last week in April. The Mercury/Uranus connection activates the series of changes that bring in many options. Moon connecting to Venus on the 24th provides the heavenly display that lets us know that our true inner essence has not been forgotten, and the upcoming days will reveal our true path. This pathway will begin to be traversed as we are called into our new direction.

The importance of May 2012 becomes visible during this important time. 2012 is universally a FIVE year, which shifts the current nine-year cycle to its mid-point. The FIVE year brings change, breakthrough and freedom from the efforts of the last four years, since the start of this nine-year cycle in 2008. April clears the way for May's entrance as a universal ONE month, which shifts our focus to the inner levels and opens the door for a new awareness. This shift gives us an even greater perspective as choices become important decisions that are reflected in our spiritual journey illuminated by Neptune's movement into Pisces. Great things are possible and according to our spiritual alignment, strength, motivation, intention and purpose, we will have made the climb needed to move into the next phase of our spiritual journey. Everyone had a different mountain to climb since 2008 and the choices, decisions and motives used determined the height climbed and thus the options that are now available.

Neptune's movement into Pisces has brought in a new backdrop that is similar to an invisible layer of spiritual connectedness that completely changes everything about our journey forward. The Neptune in Pisces landscape is beginning to be revealed. This begins a major shift that will only be visible by those aware of the Pisces focus. With the SEVEN month pulling our attention to the spiritual aspects of this important transition, we will see that the terrain of the next 13-year journey with Neptune in Pisces holds a great and important piece to our spiritual awakening and continued awareness. The journey of the climb that began in 2008 was to give us the appropriate journey to finally come to the summit of this climb to have the Neptune veil reveal a new world as reflected by the inner consciousness. The ONE month of May reveals the new phase of our spiritual journey as events show us the new world that is now the terrain we walk. .

April 1st through 7th

This week, April 1st through April 7th, begins with a surge of creativity as many new insights and ideas come to mind to jump into spontaneous action.

Tuesday Venus moves into Gemini, which helps to break up the stagnant feeling and add to the spontaneity of April. Additionally we will begin the Venus in Gemini series of changes that will be prompted when Venus turns retrograde on May 15th. The important information for this Venus retrograde will begin to come forward as Venus shifts into Gemini. Venus rules money, love and all the positive energies of resolution. Venus in Gemini provides some good information right before Mercury retrograde that gives us a positive atmosphere. With Mercury still retrograde til Wednesday, information seems to be blowing in and blowing out, yet giving us many side trips to experience. On Wednesday the winds will blow wildly or be incredibly still. The changes and turnaround while Mercury is in flux gives us many things to think about as April's NINE month of completions brings in many concluding events. Friday's Full Moon in Aries/Libra gives us a lot to look at and address with our self and our relationships. The issues of self and how we interact with others becomes a clue to the situations that are brought onto our shore at this time. Saturday the Moon presents a trine to Neptune's spiritual connection. This gives us additional insight and intuition about the movement of situations we are experiencing. With the recent movement of Neptune into Pisces, there are more spiritual connections that will grant more realizations and a greater understanding about life, unveiling Neptune's golden light and the pathways that become visible in this light.

April 8th through April 14th

This week, April 8th through April 14th, begins with a shift of perspective, moving the insight to see a deeper side of life. The focus is to see the essence with the outer events. This promotes many positive realizations that set the pace for the week. Monday we activate these realizations and begin to set some new goals into plans and ultimately into motion. These new goals also gives us the chance to move in the new information that can be integrated into our plans. Tuesday the powerful planet of Pluto turns retrograde, which shines the light onto the power issues. We will be focused on power issues and using the inner connectivity with this power as a way to move forward toward new opportunities that will be emerging during this month. Mars turns direct late on the 13th, which will become more visible on the 14th. Mars has been in Virgo since November 12th and turned retrograde on January 23rd. From that time, events have occurred that have hit snags and delays and seemed to be at a stalemate! This will actually be seen as an after effect of a blessing in disguise. From December 18th when Mars reached 3 Virgo, many situations have had to follow a prescribed path. Now that Mars is reaching that time frame again, there will be major adjustments that will begin to move forward from that point, without the delays and detours. Connecting to that point, many parts of our life can again move forward, especially as are impacted by the Virgo energy.

April 15th through April 21st

This week, April 15th through April 21st, begins with Sun opposition Saturn, which sets the pace for this week. Sun spotlights our purpose and Saturn requires that we rise to the occasion and get all things in order. With Mars moving forward the corrective actions and events are also folding into the process as well. Monday Mercury moves into Aries to infuse everything with a jump start, followed with a surge of energy. Mercury moving through Aries at a time when Mars has turned direct will become the launchpad for new situations to move us forward. The combination of Mars turning direct with Mercury in Aries not only quickens the pace but moves events and circumstances into new avenues that will evolve as new opportunities. Mid-week as Moon puts on a beautiful display with Mercury, behind the brightness of Mercury in the sky, the planet of Uranus sits unseen to the human eye, but brings in many blessings and changes. Sun moves into Taurus on Thursday giving us a new feeling of security and certainty. Taurus is earthy and always comforting, and will grant us a New Moon on the 21st that will be a gift giver in many ways. The options of Taurus New Moon will be seen as we enter into next week, as the last week in April becomes the bridge to cross for our New Beginnings to take effect in May.

April 22nd through April 28th

This week, April 22nd through April 28th, begins as Mercury brings forward the information that prompts yet another series of changes. We have been working diligently to pursue our new directions, yet as changes come onto the scene, they will push us one way or another as our pathways become the choices we need to make. Letting go of past issues, circumstances and environments, we are able to move beyond the past and begin to find the elements to draw us forward. Tuesday Moon moving into communications-oriented Gemini brings in new pieces of information that support the new pathway and the choices we have made to move forward in our right direction. Additionally Moon connects with Venus in Gemini to provide not only the supportive information to move out of the old and into the new, but to provide a very stunning display right after sunset. We continue to move forward through the week blending all of the situations and circumstances together as we continue to cross the bridge, which is similar to sailing out of the port and into the open ocean.

April 29th through May 5th

This week, April 29th through May 5th, begins the journey to move out of the old environment and into the realm of change, breakthrough and freedom. Many situations will be releasing us from the grips of the past and our way forward will become a reality. Moving toward the new environment, circumstances and reality, we have the changes that need to break us free from the past, with many of the circumstances going back to 2008 as the ONE year for this current NINE-year cycle. Tuesday, Moon connects with Mars, to usher in the new month of May, a ONE month. The New Beginnings become the jumpstart that is needed to shift our pace as we sail out into the open ocean. Finally ready to have the opportunity to move forward unencumbered and full of passion, purpose and inspiration. Friday as Moon connects with Saturn, we are reminded that we have the need to put our intuition to work, providing the guidance and inner direction. Saturday the Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio brings many things onto our shore dealing with values, to make the choices about the new directions that are pulling us forward. Additionally, Mercury connects with Saturn to implement these decisions. These decisions stem from April 15th as Sun connected to Saturn to shine the light on the decisions that we need to make. The time of movement for these decisions into reality is on May 5th as Sun shines the light onto the purpose and perfect timing for these decisions to unfold.