Phoenix Welcomes Scientist Ken,Tuesday, May 22, 2018 @7:00 PM EST On Truth Frequency Radio - Topics Include; C60 Purple Power And Will Also Discuss 5G Technology

Phoenix Welcomes Scientist Ken,Tuesday, May 22, 2018 @7:00 EST  - Topics Include;  C60 Purple Power and 5G  technology

We bring you Carbon 60, an amazing molecule for increasing your health and longevity. The C60 molecule consists of sixty carbon atoms shaped like a tiny soccer ball 1.1 nanometers in diameter.​ Numerous scientific studies have discovered C60 has positive health enhancing properties for both animals and plants.
C60 is 172 times more effective against oxidative radicals than Vitamin C. C60 has also been found to be highly protective against radiation.​ C60 Purple Power takes high purity C60 and cool infuses it into healthy vegetable oils for maximum monomolecular absorption. We offer C60 in both Avocado and Coconut oil.



Ken has been researching and learning about the 5G health fiasco. This is going to be a problem, let alone the limits of the technology, such as a 5G phone will not work in the rain. 5G is a technology going one step too far.  There are many science studies showing Gigahertz negative health effects in a relatively short time. Rapid cataract formation and skin cancers. The lawyers will have a feeding frenzy on this one. A huge liability for investors in this field.

What is 5G?  Click here for information